The LPG Club at Istituto Guala, Bra, Italy

Istituto Guala

The Istituto Superiore Statale "Ernesto Guala"

It is located in Bra, in the Piedmont region (North West of Italy). Bra is conveniently situated at the gate of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato area, the site inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a "cultural landscape", since it is a result of the combined work of nature and man. 

Bra is also the home of the Slow Food movement, an important international movement supporting sustainable foods and promotion of local small businesses, paralleled by a political agenda directed against globalization of agricultural products. The interest in sustainability which characterizes our town, and therefore our school, makes our students perfect for such an ambitious project as "Let's Play Greener".

The Istituto Guala is a public school with over 600 students and about 80 teachers. Our students, aged 15 to 19 years old, can choose among five different technical courses of studies: we form accountants, computer programmers, surveyors, touristic operators and electronic technicians.

We have been involved in different international projects focusing on environmental issues, among which two Comenius multilateral school partnerships which were already dealing with the need to make our students environment-friendly citizens in a globalized Europe. 

Besides, one of the fundamental teachings in our school is Information and Communication Technology: although we have always applied our competences in ICT to the activities of the past partnerships, we are particularly interested in this new project precisely because the intellectual output is so relevant to our course of study. Therefore, we are not only motivated to put a lot of effort in the positive outcome of the project, but we are also keen on improving our ICT and English skills, together with our knowledge of environmental issues.

The LPG Club

Guala's LPG Club was born in October 2017.

About 35 students joined the Club, interested in learning about the envirnment and about how to design an edugame. The Club has been meeting reguarly, as often as once a week in peak periods, and the most dedicated students have taken part in two mobilities, in Drancy and Moreni.

The third LTTA in Bra

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