Join the Fourth Online Game Jam

Online Game Jam Oct. 11-12, 2018
playing AT games
writing code
telling stories
drawing cartoons

A Great Success!

This online Game Jam was organised at the occasion of the #ErasmusDays

How do I participate ? 

Until Wednesday Oct. 10th, 2018 : 

  1. Play Save the Planet!
  2. Look at the previous scenarii submitted in May 18
  3. Choose a Learning Goal
  4. Fill this  Level Template
  5. Submitt ON THIS PAGE your artworks before Wednesday Oct. 8th 

On Oct., Thursday 11th 

  • 13am UTC : Opening of the Third Game Jam. First Meeting on Hangouts Meet : wwq-oaok-esf
  • 4-7pm UTC : Session 1, workgroups : multimedia production (sounds, images, codes).
  • 7pm UTC : Second Meeting on Hangouts Meet : wwq-oaok-esf

On Oct., Friday 12th 

  • 10-13am UTC: Session 2, workgroups : multimedia production (sounds, images, codes).
  • 13am UTC :  Third Meeting on Hangouts Meet : wwq-oaok-esf
  • 4-6pm UTC : Session 3. Implementation of the new levels.
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