• General

    This training is intended for secondary school teachers who wish to integrate video games into their teaching practice. Whether you are a.se player or not, whether you already integrate games into your pedagogy or not, this course offers you a dive into game design and its links with learning.

    This MOOC is considering video games:

    • Part 1: as a learning tool
    • Part 2: as a pedagogical project
    • Part 3: as a collective creation

    However, this training does not claim to be exhaustive. It is based in particular on the work carried out during the Erasmus+ Let's Play Greener project. A group of 60 students, of French, Italian and Romanian origin, have created a serious game of education for sustainable development for the 2017/2019 school year. With their teachers, we provide you with our feedback.

    • Part 1. The Video Games: A Learning Tool

      The problem

      We will take the time to understand video games.

      • How to find your way in this large and teeming domain?
      • How to analyze the structure of a video game?
      • What are the mechanisms behind their success?

      The objectives

      At the end of this first part, you will know how to

      • Making the link between the game loop and the learning loop
      • Identifying the bricks that make up a video game
      • Understanding their interest in a learning environment

      Duration: 1 hour

    Part 2. The Video games: an educational project