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Creating a Serious Game About Sustainable Development and European Citizenship.

A Learning Experience

This educational project aims at making pupils cooperate for two years to create a serious game.

An European Perspective

It is being carried by 3 Local Clubs in Drancy (FR), Bra (IT) and Moreni (RO).

An Environmental Commitment

It aims to empower young people to protect the environment.

LET’S PLAY GREENER AIMS AT DELIVERING A MULTILINGUAL SERIOUS GAME, in open-access, for raising awareness of young people about sustainability at the European level. Making pupils & teachers cooperate for two years, this serious game will consecrate years of efforts in fostering youth’s empowerment towards environmental issues at a local level  : associating young ecodelegates to the management of the school, leading field trips to expand skills and knowledge about sustainability, creating serious games. We need and want to educate caring and responsible citizens and let them know about civic empowerment.

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Cool Work in Progress


About a hundred people involved in the project across Europe.

Lycée Delacroix, Drancy-FR

Lycée Polyvalent Eugène Delacroix

Our contribution

Drancy, France

Delacroix is a public both general and technical upper-secondary school, in which 1,850 pupils are taught by 200 teachers. The Lycee Delacroix is an open and cosmopolitan community, with more than 50 nationalities. This organisation is eager to expand its pupils' social, cultural and geographical horizons.

Istituto Ernesto Guala, Bra-IT

Istituto d'Istruzione Sup. Ernesto Guala

Our contribution

Bra, Italy

The Istituto Guala is a public school with over 600 students and about 80 teachers. Our students, aged 15 to 19 years old, can choose among five different technical courses of studies: we form accountants, computer programmers, surveyors, touristic operators and electronic technicians.

Colegiul Caragiale, Moreni-RO

Colegiul National Ion Luca Caragiale

Our contribution

Moreni, Romania

The school is a public body with 1,000 students and 60 teachers, which educates students from the 5th to 12th grades. Pupils have two lines of study: the first one is the Real Profile (Maths, Computer Science and Natural Sciences) and the 2nd one is the Human Profile (Foreign Languages, Philology and Social Sciences).

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29th Jan. - 2 Febr. 2018


May, 21st-25 2018


April, 8th-12th, 2019

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March, 26th-28th, 2018


Nov., 26th-28th, 2018


June, 4th-5th, 2019

Available courses

This training is intended for secondary school teachers who wish to integrate video games into their teaching practice. Whether you are a.se player or not, whether you already integrate games into your pedagogy or not, this course offers you a dive into game design and its links with learning.

This MOOC is considering video games:

  • Part 1: as a learning tool
  • Part 2: as a pedagogical project
  • Part 3: as a collective creation

However, this training does not claim to be exhaustive. It is based in particular on the work carried out during the Erasmus+ Let's Play Greener project. A group of 60 students, of French, Italian and Romanian origin, have created a serious game of education for sustainable development for the 2017/2019 school year. With their teachers, we provide you with our feedback.

Do you want to know more about this project ? This is the documentation of the LPG! Project